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Lirastextile is recycling company with over twenty years experience.

In cooperation with the brotherly company "Iras" employ over 120 people.
" Liras" is a owner of stores, "Second hand from London" which you can
find in the heart of cities such as Poznań, Koszalin, Kołobrzeg.
Review it yourself - in the gallery are a few photos of our stores.
Most frequently asked question is:
"Do you have your own shopping and sorting places,
and what about the quality of your second hand clothing? "
Yes, we have own shops and sorting places, so we know good the quality of our loadings, and it gave us a great opportunity to review many of the British and Irish suppliers.
Most companies sell in bulk, which means do not have any idea of what they sells,
for them it's just another load of which need to get rid of, for us ...this is not just another load!
Do not get us wrong, we are very confident but we know what we sell.

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